Lola Tillyaeva (Lola Till) is a Wellbeing Activist, Entrepreneur, Author, Humanitarian and the visionary behind The Harmonist, a maison de parfums.

Lola Tillyaeva (Till) is the Founder and Owner of The Harmonist, a luxury perfume house guided by the ancient philosophy of feng shui.

Lola Tillyaeva Lola Till The Harmonist
Lola Tillyaeva (Lola Till), Founder and Owner of The Harmonist, Author of self-care guide Be Your Own Harmonist

The pandemic has inflicted a heavy toll on our wellbeing and mental health, and as some countries begin to emerge from lockdowns the number of people with mental health struggles continues to rise. We are just at the beginning of understanding the true extent of this global mental health epidemic. According to research by the Mental Health Million Project, more than a quarter of world-wide respondents were found to be at risk of clinical-level mental health problems.

Self-esteem and the way we view ourselves are inextricably linked to our wellbeing, and low self-esteem continues to be a common cause of depression and anxiety particularly for young girls and women. For years, the beauty industry has been capitalizing on these feelings, building on our insecurities and promising to…

You can learn how to let go of negative emotions and adopt a more positive mindset.

To switch gears and adapt a positive mindset, we have to start at the root of the problem.

Today the world finds itself in an unprecedented situation. The anxiety, depression and psychosis triggeredby the…

We all know negative emotions. It is essential to learn how to manage negative emotions. This blog piece explores negative emotions, and explains how to be more positive.

Today the world finds itself in an unprecedented situation. The anxiety, depression, and psychosis triggered by the constant stream of negative news around COVID-19 are now as detrimental to our health as the coronavirus itself. And they are spreading faster than the virus, too, burrowing through our lives until it seems we will never be able to break out of the web of distress in which we feel trapped.

Desperate for information on this deadly virus, we have become hooked on the information feed, waiting for news each day with the…

Why do we get angry? Where does anger come from? How can we manage anger? This blog piece explains anger and how to manage and embrace anger to our benefit.

Just a few weeks ago, we believed that Covid-19 and its economic consequences would be the most significant events of 2020. Yet, we didn’t foresee the massive, countrywide protests triggered by police brutality and systemic racism. It’s left many people feeling frustrated and angry.

When confronting these events, many people are emotionally and intellectually overwhelmed by feelings of grief, rage, and deep disappointment.


How does our brain work? How do we process information? How can we become a better leader with this knowledge?

Every single second of the day, the human brain receives and processes a staggering amount of information — a feat that makes it the world’s fastest supercomputer.

With most of that work taking place on a subconscious level, we tend to spend our lives running on autopilot and rarely consider the brain’s tremendous efficiency. From the morning’s…

By Lola Till | Jun 16, 2020

Many struggle with sleep during Covid-19. This blog piece provides useful tips how to improve sleep.

A recent report from Express Scripts, a prescription benefit plan provider, confirmed that the use of anti-insomnia medications has spiked. Filled prescriptions increasing by 21% between February and March 2020, and those numbers peaked during the week of March 15 — the same week, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, and the US declared a national emergency in response to the crisis.

We all know how much better we feel after a good night’s sleep, but a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that…

Lola Tillyaeva (Lola Till)

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